Data Analytics

TalentHub's Data Analytics Services enable customers to position themselves effectively as dynamic enterprises. We help customers identify their strengths and areas of improvement In line with their goals and objectives. Our expertise in wide range of data technologies help integrate interactive and intuitive visual tools to help sift through data, derive insights and draw value. We appreciate that every customers needs are unique and offer services not just over various industries but also specific to your business process.

  • Application Database Development
    • Writing state of the art applications on top of secure, scalable database.
  • Database rationalization and Master Data Management
    • Analyze data
    • Consolidate data
    • Data profiling and cleansing
  • Database Modernization
    • Upgrade to most recent versions
    • Move to latest database technologies
  • BI and Analytics
    • Extraction, Transformation and Loading
    • Building data mart and data warehouses
    • Creating analytical reports
    • Building actionable insights through reports and dashboard
  • Big Data
    • Setting up big data clustered environment
    • Modeling data
    • Extracting data from varied sources
    • Scaling up and Scaling out
    • Building analytics and reports on top of huge data

TalentHub has a customer centric approach to Data Analytics. We work closely with customers as an essential part of their organization and to build our solutions around their business requirements. We look at how data, reporting, predictive analytics, social media, mobility, master data and real time information can be used for effective business transformation. With structured, semi-structured and unstructured data flooding organizations, we focus on methods that can use data to provide "actionable insights"